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Pressure [mb]
(54.75 to 1277.83)

Gravity at sea level g0  9.80665   m s-2
Height of tropopause     Htp  11   km
Height of stratopause     Hsp  20   km
Temperature lapse rate L  -6.5   degrees K km-1
Molecular weight of air M0  28.9644   kg kmol-1
Barometric pressure at sea level    p0    101325   Pa
Barometric pressure at tropopause    ptp    22632   Pa
Universal gas constant R*  8.31432   J K-1 mol-1
Radius of earth r0  6356766   m
Temperature at sea level T0  288.15   degrees K
Temperature at tropopause Ttp  216.65   degrees K
units of geopotential length


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