Network maps

CRNS networks with publicly available data:

US COSMOS network

IAEA network

Trenton Franz/Nebraska CRNS network


Some of these are directly applicable to CRNS work. Others are of more general interest:

Asymptotic trajectory map
Calculates and plots coordinates of asymptotic trajectories projected onto a world map. Useful for neutron monitors and CRNS stations.

Cutoff rigidity calculator - Magnetocosmics
Calculates geomagnetic cutoff rigidity as a function of geographic coordinates. It yields the effective vertical cutoff rigidity or apparent cutoff rigidity. This calculator has the most options.

Cutoff rigidity calculator - TJI95
Calculates effective geomagnetic cutoff rigidity as a function of geographic coordinates using the Shea and Smart TJI95 code. This calculator is historically significant.

Flux scaling tool
Calculates relative neutron intensity as a function of barometric pressure and geographic coordinates.

N0 calculator
Calculates the calibration parameter N0 for soil moisture sensors.

Solar correction parameter, tau
Calculate solar correction parameter tau as defined by McJannet and Desilets (2023). Used in calculating solar correction factor.

Solar correction factor
Calculates solar correction factor as a function of pressure and geographic coordinates Based on neutron monitor at Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.

Solar correction factor - Inuvik
Calculates solar correction factor as a function of pressure and geographic coordinates. Based on neutron monitor in Inuvik, Canada.

Standard Atmosphere
Estimates the local barometric pressure from the ISO International Standard Atmosphere.



Cosmoterm GUI [6 MB]
Provides serial interface for Hydroinnova QL model data loggers. Allows user to configure logger, download data from internal and external storage cards, and view realtime data. Windows 64bit version.

Download and install rover mapping GUI
Application for real time mapping and visualization of soil moisture data from Hydroinnova rover and backpack units. Mac and Windows versions.

Rover mapping GUI -- short MP4 video [10 MB]
Demonstrates use and features of the current version of the rover mapping GUI. This software will enable real-time soil moisture mapping and importation of complementary data layers.